Happy Holiday…


Finally….final week is over and I can relax…..I can stay up late not for studying but to watch movies…goes around downtown Seattle and Auburn….Play and just have fun…..Phewww…..what a big relieve….

Starting from friday, I have a movie night and international potluck with Phi Theta Kappa members. The movie is about x’mas but it was a lampoon movie so it is kinda funny and silly…Nevertheless, it was a great night.

Saturday, I have an American typical breakfast at Sunreak Cafe. This was very well known around Auburn…They have the best banana bread I have ever had and so said everyone else….I wondered what their secret is???Hmmm…..^^ Anyway,  I then went shopping for my upcoming trip to East coast; NY, DC, Pennsylvania and Boston (Check out my blog for the next few weeks…there will be a lot of great news from the east coast….^.^ ). They said its gonna be cold and even colder than Seattle so I better prepared. In the evening, we then went to watch Old Dogs. It was a funny movie and has good moral too…Great story….

Well, it was just a typical weekend…but after a long week of hardwork and studying, this was a very nice weekend indeed. ^^

See you all again on my report about my trip to East Coast….I will for sure show a lot of fun there…..=D


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