It’s Final Week

Waw…It’s final week already….Time goes by so fast that I don’t realise winter is coming.

Anyway, I have 4 finals this week. 1 for today, 2 for tomorrow and another one on Thursday. Huh…..lots to learn and what’s worst is that I felt very lazy these days. I don’t feel like studying. I am already in holiday mood. I felt like I’m just studying for my daily test (though actually its not). However, I try my best to concentrate and study.

I stayed up late and study the whole night. I only slept for about 2-3 hours per day; but I don’t feel tired or sleepy at all. Isn’t it wierd?? Instead, this help me a lot. I could study everything that I need to learn and as a result, I found my test today was even easier than my previous test.

I hope I can do my best for the rest of the week. Wish me luck. :)


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