University Application Forms


U Texas, U Virginia, U Washington, U Wisconsin, U Illinois, USC, …..The time to apply to universities has arrived…

There are lots of things to do and a lot of paperwork to prepare. I have just started fillng in my application form for U Wisconsin which is due on December 15th and Realised that I’ve started kinda late; but better late than never right??!! :)

Well, at first, I thought filling in the application form is gonna be simple and I’ll be done in 15 minutes or so. However, it is actually more complicated than it looks. They asked a lot of questions. They asked for our education record from kindergarten. Where did we go for kindergarten, elementary, middle school and also high school. They even asked our parents education record. Did they go  to university? What is their last education………..?

This is just a 2 pages application form and this is the shortest of all but it took me around 45 minutes to finish. I can’t imagine how long will I need to fill in other application form which could have 6 pages in it. Fortunately, the others are due next year and not December so I still got time to finish everything. I know this sounds like a long, complicated, tough process; but I find them interesting. If we could go to any university in the world, isn’t it boring? There is no challenge in life. By this, I feel like I am challenged to do my best and finally get into the university that I am really want to go.

I will update more on my process next time. Wish me luck. ^^


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