Food Market @ Lea Hill

Yeeaaayyy….The new food market near our college has finally open…

It is very nice and has everything in there. This make it easier for students to do their groceries shopping. Well, as I live with host family, this may not affect me at all. But I like to bake cake at my friend’s apartment which is just beside the food market. So, it really make it convenient for me to find all the ingredients I need. I don’t need to take the bus to go to the nearby gorcery store anymore. If I forgot any ingredient, I could just walk and get them at the food market.

They also rent DVD at a very low price…I can have movie night anytime I want…Love it – love it – love it…..Not to forget a new restaurant that is about to open too….We already have Teriyaki Wok, Subway and Pizza Paradise right now and this time the new restaurant is a Viatnamese restaurant….Another Asian restaurant….Yeeeaaayyy!!!!!! College’s nearby areahas become more and more convenient…. ^.^


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