It’s TOEFL day…many university in the US asked for 100 TOEFL score or above. Some even ask specifically of at least 23 points for each section. So to fulfill this  requirement, I have to take the TOEFL test again even though I have taken it before and only miss by 8 points. :( Hopefully I did better this time

Well anyway, I took the TOEFL test in Lynden. The TOEFL test center in Seattle are all full so I have to go to other city. On Friday night, my friends and I took the train to Bellingham (which is just half an hour away from Lynden). We decided to stay overnight since the test is going to be held early in the morning on the next day. It took around 3 hours to get there. But the train is very convenient and clean so it is afterall not  a bad trip…We arrived at 9:30 at night and after checked in and take a bath and everything, we finally went to sleep. 

The next day, everyone are very nervous…First thing first, breakfast is a must before the test so that you have the energy you need…Though the hotel is a small hotel, the breakfast is delicious too (a typical american breakfast)…We then call the taxi to get to Lynden…I have watched and practice using the TOEFL IBT sampler tests since thursday….So I am more calm and confident…And also, since I’ve been in US for more than 10 months now, so I think I have a much better English.

Turn out, the test is not that bad. The listening test is more difficult than before but I think I did better in reading and speaking this time…I could just hope that I’ll pass with flying colours. Can’t wait for the result in 2 weeks!!!


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