Saturday Dim Sum


  One of the most common food found around the world. Chinese restaurant are everywhere and  almost every major city in the world has China Town. But in each country, the tastes of chinese food are usually different. The cook usually represent the food with flavour that is more suitable for the local people. So, though chinese food can be find around the world, we rarely find a delicious one that suit our taste.   

But in Seattle, I found one restaurant that has one the best dim sum in town. The name of the restaurant is Jade Garden Restaurant at Seattle International District. Last Saturday, my friends and I went there with the new Indonesian students. They’ve been missing dim sum so much and so we decided to take them there. The restaurant is always crowded and usually we need to wait for at least half an hour to get a table. Luckily, that saturday we didn’t have to wait long enough to get a table.  After settling down, they began to order lots and lots of food. They find them very satisfying and tastes just like the one we ate back in our home country. The price is also affordable . For us college students, this is a very good deal. That day everyone went home with a full stomach and a smile on their faces. :)

 dim sum 5         dim sum 1


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