Its raining-raining-raining and raining almost everyday. Fall has finally reveal its true color. The weather has got colder and windy around here. The temperature has drop to around 16 degree celcius these days.

Long sleeves t-shirt, jackets, scarfs and boots are now out while flip-flops, tube dress, shorts and skirts are back into the wardrobe. People began to demand hot warm soup and gave up ice cream. Fan and air conditioner are now turn off in every house while heater is starting to run.

The weather could change drastically. One time the sunshine shine so brightly but other time the wind will start blowing giving a chill on my skin. It is weird; a phenomenon that I could never experience in my home country. That’s why, although weird, I still appreciate every sun that shine, every rain that fall and every wind that blow; because in this way, we could see how beautiful and powerful nature is.


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