Birthday Dinner!

red lobsterWeekend is back . After a week of homework and studying, I am always looking forward to it. It is the best time to relax. This weekend, I went to have dinner to celebrate my friends’ birthday. There are 2 of them and they are celebrating it on the same day though their birthday date are actually not the same. We went to eat seafood that night. There are not much seafood restaurant that you can find in Seattle and so we rarely eat seafood here. One of the best is Red Lobster. This is the first I went there though many people have recommended that restaurant. I like to try different restaurants and try different kinds of food and so I am really looking forward to go there.


red-lobster- menu

     redlobster menu2


We ordered 1 appetizer and 3 main courses. Since the portion here in U.S. is much bigger than in Asia, we didn’t dare to order 1 main course for each person. We usually share them. This is not usual among the U.S. culture but we still do it anyway. And turn out, we make the right decision. We were so full after eating the whole main courses and the only space availbale in our stomach is for dessert.

While we were ordering desserts, I saw many people were also celebrating their birthday. The waiters in Red Lobster bring them a piece of cake and sang them birthday song. I then decided to do the same for my friends. I secretly told the waiters that we are celebrating my friends’ birthday and I would like them to sing a birthday song too. When our desserts came, they did sing the birthday song and my friends are very happy for that. The desserts are very good too. They are the best menu that day; making it a perfect dinner.

Warm Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie

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