IFGF Welcoming Party


New environment, new weather, new quarter and new students. It’s time to hold a welcoming party. Last friday, my friend’s church (IFGF) held a welcoming party for all the new Indonesian students in Washington state. There are from Bellevue college, North Seattle CC, Shoreline, and many others. The place was very crowded and everybody were having fun. I could see a lot of faces that I’ve never seen before and I got to know a lot more people from different college. We eat and chat a lot that night. welcoming party

But the party was not only eating and chatting. Each community college or university has representatives that set up a performance. GRCC perform a drama showing their routine every sunday going to church and having fun using this old red mini van that have been in GRCC for 10 years. It is quite a funny act. Other community college did some performance too. There are those who show a photo slideshow, perform a dance show and many others. It was very fun to watch. I enjoyed it and so did all the new students.

The party ended at 11:00 pm; but instead of going home, all the new students find themselves very hungry that we went to have midnight dinner at Denny’s. I am so full that I could not eat with them and so I only buy hot tea and sit there chatting with them. But anyhow, it’s been a fun night.


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