Fall quarter has arrive!

 fall 2

Fall is back in Auburn. After spending 3 weeks of summer break in Indonesia, I’m once again back in Auburn welcoming the start of new quarter. The weather has start to get colder and windy. Being used to Indonesia’s hot weather, I again have to adapt with the environement here. But its not that bad. In fact, I like the weather in Auburn better. At this period of time, though its windy, there is still sunshine warming us at the outside. It make it nice to spend the day out.

The first day of the quarter is always a hectic day for students. I could always find traffic jam in front of the college. Many cars are waiting in line trying to get into the college on time. I could also find many students walking around the campus area. The campus that is very quite during the holiday seems to be alive again. The bookstore are now crowded with students and the student center are always full. Information booth can be seen throughout the campus area. These are very helpful for new students since they are not familiar with the campus environment yet.

This fall quarter is a tough qaurter for me. I am taking 5 classes (accounting, calculus, economic, calculus and biology) and all of them are important for my major. I have spent the whole day going from one class to the other, trying to keep up reading all the sylabusses given by the teachers and keep up with the works that has stack up for that week. Nevertheless, first day of the quarter are always interesting. I can meet a lot of students and make new friends; releasing all the stress out of me. I hope I have a great quarter ahead and will keep on doing well. :)


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