BBQ @ Lake Meridian

blog 10It’s a nice shiny saturday. The weather is just right to be outside that my friends and I decided to go BBQing at Lake Meridian. It is a very nice place and is not far from my friend’s apartment. It only took 15 minutes by car. We went there at around 6 p.m. Did it sound too late? Well its actually not. One thing that I like from summer is that the sun will shine until around 9 at night that we don’t have to worry the day getting dark. We have plenty of time to hang out and have fun on the sun.

blog 9At Lake Meridian, we could borrow grill equipment so we don’t have to bring one. We only need to buy the charcoal and food (my friends have brought chickens, saussage and bacon; yummy…yummy…yummy). We then began to prepare for the BBQ. The boys tried to set up the fire while the girls marinate the chicken. It is kind of hard for the boys to set up the fire because the wind is blowing pretty hard. It took them half an hour for them to figure out how to do it; but at last we manage to set it up and began to grill the chicken. As we decided to go BBQ on that day itself, we actually didn’t have much preparation. The chicken is fresh from the supermarket and we didn’t have the chance to cut it; so when we grilled it, its cooked fast at the outside (till it got turn black) but still raw in the inside. We then have to cut it and regrill it. It may sounds like a mess, but we did get it well done and it still taste good. We even got ribs from one of my friend; so we still end up with a round big stomach. ^^

After dinner, the boys went to play baseball and we girls went to play on the beach. We watched the sunset and spend the rest of the day there. I took lots of pictures. The view are just so beautiful that I could not resist to take more and more of it.  Here are some of the pictures that I took.

 blog 3             blog 5

       blog 6 

It’s been a very fun day and I can’t wait for another BBQ day. XD


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