Chinatown/International District Summer Festival – Seattle

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Last weekend, Seattle is having a summer festival in chinatown. It is an annual event and is sponsored by Mc.Donalds. As it is in Chinatown, most of the attraction, booths and foods have something to do with chinese culture. There are lion dance, chinese food all around, and many others. But since Chinatown is also known as International District, the attractions are also combination of culture around the world. I could find Phllipines and japanese food too (like sushi)…..yummy..!!=p

blog 5The coordinator of the summer festival offers volunteer position. There are lots of things that you could help; from setting up the booths, managing the vendors’ booths, work as an information guide, do some surveys, helping karaoke booths, helping in children’s activities, or you could also help gathering garbage maintaining the area cleanliness. I participate as an information guide. At first, I would like to help in managing the vendors booths; but since I signed up at the very last minute, I don’t have any other choice. But I was considered lucky. It seems that the festival has attracted many people to participate that I almost didn’t got any position. When I first called, they said that the position are full; but luckily for me, the people called me the next day and offered me this position. Without any hesitation, I immediately say yes. ^.^

It’s been a fun experience. You are not only working; but you could enjoy the festival at the same time. I also got to meet new friends from different college. I met this one girl who studied in UW  and she is majoring in bio chem. I got the chance to ask her about UW and Listen to her experience there. As UW is one of the university that I would like to apply to, it’s good to have more information about it. You could get to know more about the university. This could increase your chance to get into the university.

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Well, the summer festival is not only about booths and attractions. There is karaoke competition too. People of every age can signed up and show their talent. There is no limit to who is allowed and who is not allowed. Many people signed up and this has been one of the famous show at that festival. When I’m doing a survey (I also participate to do some survey) many people tick the karaoke column as one of the best show there. They said it’s funny and very entertaining. All the participants are very confidence and they came from different culture. The songs they sang are not always English song. While volunteering, I could here people singing chinese song. My friend who volunteer as a helper there said that it is so fun to watch all the participants. They are so funny and so confidence that they don’t feel ashame in entertaining the people though their voice is not really good.

As this an annual event, I’ve been thingking to participate again next year; and maybe that time I’m gonna signed up at the karaoke booths. It’s gonna be so much fun. =)


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