First visit..First year..First experience..

GRCCIt has always been my dream to come to US and expand my knowledge there. I’ve always think about how my life would be if I lived in US; and now my dream comes true. I am now studying in Green River Community College in Washington. When I first decided to come here, instead of feeling nervous, I felt very excited. People thought that I suppose to feel scared since I went by myself, I never been to US and everything is new and different. But I didn’t feel a tiny bit of scared. Instead, I felt very excited; I couldn’t wait till my departure day. Of course I was sad to have to leave my parents and family but nonetheless, I said to myself that I am not leaving for forever, I am leaving to get a better education, to improve my English and to gain new experience; and so I strengthen myself. Now, I feel very happy and grateful; because I know that I’ve made the right decision.

blog 1I’ve met many new friends, not only Indonesian, but also local people and many others from around the world. There are from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Morocco, etc. Green River is a very diverse college that I did not feel like i’m in US. Instead, It’s more like I’m all over the world.

During my first quarter here, I found everything bit confusing. Everything is new; the classes, the buildings and  the people. I tries to adjust myself and as time passed by, I felt more comfortable. I did feel a little homesick but as long as I’m with my friends, I will forgot those feeling; I will be just fine and happy. My host family is very nice too. They welcome me warm heartedly and make me feel like I’m home. They did not treat me like stranger.

As I adjust, I also find the classes easier. Well some depends on the subjects and teachers but most of the teachers are nice and helpful. If Idon’t understand, I could asked them after class and they’ll be willing to answer my questions. 

blog 2
Volunteer at SSDC - making sandwiches for the homeless

From quarter to quarter, I began to participate in several activities. I began to explore new places and began to become more active in school. Life is becoming more interesting for me. Though school work loads are always there, but since I balance them with fun, I didn’t feel any pressure.In my second quarter, I tried to do several volunteer activities. The first volunteer I’ve done is helping nearby senior citizens organizing an event. I found it very fun and so I began to volunteer even more. I’ve made sandwiches for homeless people, plant trees for nearby zoo park, helping a buddhist temple nearby and many more. I felt very happy to be able to help them. Besides, by volunteering, I met a lot of new people and friends.

Green River  has given me a lot of experience these few months and for a new challenge, I’ve applied for part-time job in school. I am now a student marketing assistant in International Programs.  I’ve experienced working for people in real world. This is very exciting. I could help lessen my family burden and also have a plus point on my resume when I apply for university. I’m glad that I am here now and hopefully I could find many new challenges on this path of my mine. 


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