UCLA Bound!

Green River College has been very successful in preparing students to transfer to top universities for so many years. Another great news have just been received from our outstanding Indonesian students, Kevin Qlintang and Jason Jodjana. Kevin and Jason have recently been offered admission to one of the world’s most prestigious institution, University of Califronia Los Angeles. Kevin majors in Bio Chemistry and Jason majors in Aerospace Engineering. Both of them are Green River students who excel in their academic performances with outstanding 3.9 GPA. They both moved from Jakarta to Green River College in the Fall of 2014 after they graduated from high school. Both of the students are very active in campus. Jason, as a matter of fact, is currently the President of the Indonesian Student Organization at Green River College. Congratulations to both of them and we wish them good luck for their next adventure at UCLA!


Jason Jodjana


Kevin Qlintang







University Transfer

Hello guys!

So it’s me again, Adysti, who recently wrote the blogpost titled “Spring Break”. If you have not read it, you may click here. As I have mentioned in that post, I am currently taking my last quarter at Green River College. Yup, it is saddening and exciting at the same time. It breaks my heart to think about bidding farewell to my friends and my favorite instructors at Green River in just a few months. However, the promise of a brand new start and adventure in university is somehow thrilling. I am excited to meet new friends and explore new places.

So anyways, a few days ago, right when I got out of the shower, I was randomly checking the status of all the universities that I applied to transfer. So first, I logged in to the student portal websites of several universities that I have applied to to check my application status. For some universities, I was upset to see that they are still missing my winter college transcript and a course evaluation of the Physics Classes that I took at Green River College. I realized that I took more advanced Physics classes than the ones required by these universities. Hence, they require me to submit course descriptions of the Physics classes here so that they can decide whether or not the classes are transferable. It was upsetting because then my admission decisions will be further postponed. Lastly, I checked my application to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. I logged in and waited for the web page to load. In a split second,the screen went orange. It was completely out of expectation. I read through the large fonts on top of the orange background  “Pande Putu Kardi, You’re an Illini!” It took me five seconds to realize the great news before me. I GOT IN! I jumped out of my bed as I srcreamed with excitement, completely forgetting the fact that it was 2 a.m. in the morning. I was feeling beyond happy. I quickly took a screen shot and sent it to my parents.

The next morning, I showed up to campus only to find 3 of my friends getting the same great news like I did. We were all so happy that we might end up going to the same university.Well, I’m still waiting for the decisions of other universities that I applied to so that I can make my final decision. So, stay tuned ;)


Spring Quarter

Welcome back to campus to all current students and new students! Spring quarter officially started this Monday. The sun has been out during the first 3 days of the quarter which is a really good sign of a brand new start. Let us all hope that the upcoming spring days will be as lovely as today. Spring quarter marks the second year that I have been studying at Green River College. The blooming flowers, the mild breeze, all of these things pull a vivid memory to when I first stepped on the grounds of Green River Campus exactly two years ago. I remember the 16 year old me overwhelmed with nervousness to study thousand miles away from my home, Indonesia, during the Spring of 2014. Looking back, I am proud that I have went through the struggles of being a new student, the homesick, the late night studying and every other thing that have given me tons of worthwhile life experiences. I am grateful to see the self transformation that I have been through while studying abroad. I became more independent and confident of myself.

Anyways, two years ago I moved here before graduating from  my old high school in Indonesia. I took the High School Completion Program to earn a Washington High School Diploma. So basically, this program allows me to complete High School and the first 2 years of college at the same time. I chose to leave my old high school because I know that Green River College is the stepping stone to reach my childhood dream of going into a top university in the United States. Additionally, this program allows me to graduate 2 years earlier than my peers in Indonesia so that I can save time and money. Furthermore, starting at a small college, such as  Green River, rather than jumping right away to a big university has been an excellent process of cultural adaptation from living in Indonesia to the US. Since GRC is relatively small, staff at the college’s International Program knows the students deeply in person. This ensures intensive care and adequate attention on each student in this program. Unlike in a big university, students are more self-reliant.

During my time at Green River College, I also made lots of friends from around the world. I also joined clubs and got hired in two jobs, Student Marketing Assistant and Math Tutor. One of the clubs that I am a part of is the Indonesian Student Organization. It is a really fun Indonesian community where we gather in student events and socialize as groups of people of the same nationality. Another club that I am a member of is the GRC Volunteering Outreach Club. I personally love volunteering which was why I decided to join this club. This club channel students at Green River College to volunteering opportunities available around the area.

This past two years at Green River College have equipped me with plenty of experiences that prepared me well mentally and academically for the next great adventure… University transfer! Currently, I am waiting for the decisions to be posted by late April. Stay tuned to find out where will I transfer! ;)


Finals Week

Hello Gator Peeps!

Winter quarter is ending soon. I couldn’t wait til Spring Break and I bet everyone does too. However, we’ve got one more tough week to get through, yup, Finals Week. Since the weather is not friendly this past week, make sure to pay good attention on your health so you wouldn’t have to take your finals with runny nose or severe cough.

Anyways, the Holman Library will be open til midnight this weekend. Woohoo! Isn’t it great? Now you can study all night long with your buddies. Based on my personal experiences, it really helps to study in a study group. Since you’ll have many people to discuss with, less time will be wasted questioning things that you don’t understand.

Moreover, I highly recommend you to check out the new Student Union building. In the past few weeks, I found that the new building is a very comfortable place to study. I usually hung out by the Cafe where the bar tables and high chairs are located. Additionally, the Cafe sells RedBull Energy Drinks, which I recommend you to take if you want to stay up longer.At SU, you may also want to study while relaxing on the cozy bean bags that are located by the stairs. I find this building my new favorite spot to study since I can buy snacks and do sports at the gym when I need  to refresh my mind.

Well, have a great study week guys! Study hard and finish strong!!






Leavenworth Trip 2015

leavenworth-2015One of the greatest perks of being a Green River student is, of course, the abundance of activities that the college offers. Last Saturday, the college accommodated the students to visit the famous Bavarian Village in Washington, Leavenworth, to attend its annual Christmas lighting festival. The town was covered with a blanket of snow as it was snowing throughout the day, which makes the scene tremendously magical. We arrived at 10.30 a.m in the morning. Like everyone else, my friends and I were all waiting for the peak of the festival which is the Christmas lighting of the town itself. While we waited, we had lunch at one of the best German style hot dog restaurant in Washington and visited authentic shops selling Christmas related goods during the afternoon. There were lots of booths selling delicious Christmas signature foods and beautiful Christmas carols roaming by the road. There were people dressing up as snowmen, elves and  even as Santa Claus. Everything was so magical. Finally, at 5.30 pm, the peak of the festival was on. Well, here is a sneak peek of the lighting festival for those of you who missed the fun ;) Enjoy!



University Of California Application


Hello guys! How are your classes so far? I bet everyone notice the drop in temperature in the past few days. Waking up in the morning is probably the hardest thing to do when your blankets are warm and cozy but guess what? It’s only two weeks from winter break and 25 days till Christmas!!! Anyways, to all of you who are applying to University of California, I understand that it has been a month of anxiety to finish the two questions that probably haunted your dreams in the past few weeks, “what’s your intended major..” and “personal quality” prompts that the UC requires for admission or a.k.a. the personal statement. Anyhow, today is the last day of the nerve wrecking misery because it’s the the last day to click on that “submit my application” button and you are free to breathe a sigh of relief. However, you’ll have to wait for another 4 months until you will be notified whether or not the university will admit you. But hey, at least you have tackled the hardest part of the admission process, right? So wrap up those final stellar essays whether you started it a month ago, last week, or last night. I personally have submitted mine one day after Thanks Giving for the sake of a peace of mind. Don’t wait till too late to submit them, guys! May the odds be in your favor ;)


Halloween at Green River College


Believe it or not it’s approaching the end of October already! Time surely flies, huh? You must have noticed that the temperature is sinking down gradually as the rainy season begins to take its toll. October went pretty fast but don’t be sad because the highlight of this special month that everyone has been waiting for is here! It is, of course, no other but the spirit of Halloween. The only day where you can express yourselves by dressing up as your favorite heroes, cartoon characters, your favorite evil spirit or even as odd as dressing up as food. Hold on, food?! Yep, speaking about food, faculties from Green River’s Math Department showed up in campus yesterday morning wearing the most epic costumes that I have ever seen. YES, they decided to dress up into sweets! They LITERALLY PUT ON GIGANTIC SWEETS COSTUMES to campus. Yesterday was probably the special day where students get to see the “other” side of their stereotypical-serious-looking calculus professors unequipped with calculators but with candies and chocolates instead. So here’s a peek of our amazing professors in action!