Homestay, CCA, or Own Housing?

All new students need to decide where to stay during their study at Green River Community College. Technically, Green River offers two housing options: Homestay and CCA (Campus Corner Apartments). If any of you have wondered about where to stay, which housing options is better, advantages and disadvantages of each housing options, then you have come to the right blog entry. I came to Green River in the of fall 2013 and stayed in CCA as my first housing option, then decided to move to a homestay in June 2014.

Briefly, CCA is an apartment on the college campus. The advantages of living in CCA are: the community, distance, and safety. The community, it is the first thing that is the most advantageous of living at CCA that is not offered in other housing option. Since CCA is an on-campus apartment, there are roughly 350 students living in the area and of course you will meet a lot of international students during your walk to class. It’s different from homestay because one homestay has fewer students living in the home. Most host families have one international student living with them, but some have two or three students. Distance will never be a problem for students living in CCA; students come back and forth from their class to CCA on their break. Imagine walking to the nearest bus stop, which is right in front of library, in less than 5 minutes. In addition to the community and the distance, CCA is also a very safe place to live; there’s always one campus safety officer who walks around the campus apartment every one or two hours, especially when it is dark.

The second housing option is homestay. The advantages of living in homestay are: food provided, second home, family- orientated, and the feel of American culture. One of the disadvantages of living in CCA is that students are required to provide their own food but homestay has that advantage. Host-parents are required to provide students three meals a day. Living in a homestay also means that students get to live with an American family and students will sometimes feel like they are the host-parents’ daughter or son. Homestay will help students go through culture shock and feeling homesick. Students under 17 years old need to live in a homestay.

Own housing is for students that do not use International Programs Housing Department’s placement services. Students that find their own housing are older and more experienced with living in the USA. There are nearby apartments in Auburn that students can rent if they are over 18 years old.

All housing options have their pros and cons. Please let us know if you have questions about the housing options for international students.


Summer Quarter vs. Fall, Spring, and Winter Quarter

How’s your summer going?

My summer goes pretty well, I take Summer class in GRCC. This is my first summer quarter and I have noticed a few differences between summer quarter and other quarters such as Fall, Spring, and Winter quarter. Here’s the compare and contrast that you might want to a look at:

Quarter Comparison

America, Holiday Trips

Summer Break to Los Angeles

Spring quarter has ended and it’s time for Summer break! What did you guys do during Summer break? Did you have fun with your friends? Hopefully yes.

Summer break has never been this great! I went to Los Angeles for five days with my GRCC friends. For those who feel that Spring quarter has been really cold, it’s fun to have a summer break in LA because of the hot and humid weather. Also, it’s good to go to other city and have fun while we are still young.

On our first day in LA, we went to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Beach. Beverly Hills is one of the most expensive city in Los Angeles, many actors and celebrities lived in that area. On our way, we met one grandma, she was really nice that she gave us a short tour of Beverly Hills. We went to Sugarfina and Ice cream lab, which we could only find it in Beverly Hills. We also went to Santa Monica Beach, one of the most famous beach located in West Los Angeles. We didn’t spent too much time there because the wind was too strong that we all felt cold. We wore short pants instead of long pants because it’s really hot in the afternoon but it’s cold in the evening and night.

Beverly Hills Sign and Santa Monica Beach

To even complete our holiday, we went to three different theme parks for three consecutive days. Our first theme park was Universal Studio, the second one was Sixflags, the last one is Disney California Adventure and Disneyland. I count Disney California Adventure and Disneyland as one theme park because they are located in the same place and belonged to the same company. It was so tiring but that’s the point; study hard in Green River, play hard in Los Angeles.

In Disney California Adventure and Universal Studios

On our last day, three of my GRCC friends went to Canyon Lake Drive to take a picture with the famous Hollywood Sign. The others and I were so tired so we went to an Italian Restaurant and have our lunch.

And Summer break is over, it’s time for Summer quarter.

Have a great Summer Quarter in Green River Community College!

America, Having fun

University of Washington: Keraton 2014

Have you ever tried Indonesian foods? Or do you miss the taste of Indonesia? Well, I would say that Keraton is be the best event that offer Indonesian foods. Keraton is an event that was held in University of Washington. The purpose of the event is to make people feel Indonesian culture through foods and performance.

There were foods by Bumbu Truck (Tiga Dara), Indo Cafe, Waroeng Jajanan, Rajawali, Malay Satay Hut, Le Reve Sweets (macarons), and sponsors. There were Nasi Padang, Lontong Cap Gomeh, Gado-gado, Kue Putri Salju, Martabak Manis, Kue Lupis, Es Kopyor and so many more.

Top: Sate Kambing, Sate Padang Middle: Mie Bakso, Es Cendol Bottom: Indonesian Snacks

The event is even more exciting with a performance by Green River Indonesian Students! We performed Tari Piring (Plate Dance) and our performance was really breathtaking that people there stop and watch our unique show. Also, none of the dancers drop the plate, which is a good thing!

Meet Tari Piring Dancers from Green River CC who performed for Keraton 2014.

Red (left-right): Medi, Stevania, Merry, Hanna, Felly, and Jessica. White (left-right): Andrea, Gaby, Ivania, Jessica, Ryan, Revanda, and Justin.

Snapshots of the performance


ISO Sport Tournament

Hi guys, couple weeks ago, basket ball and indoor football tournament was happening in GRCC. This annual sport tournament is held by Indonesian Student Organization (ISO). Here are some awesome pictures taken by volunteers from GRCC Photography Club. Enjoy! :)

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University of Washington Nightmarket trip

By Tian YinNight Market
May 10, 2014
Have you ever been to the Taipei Shi Lin Night Market?

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to experience the hustle and bustle of the famous night market in Taiwan, you can attend a very similar event right here in Seattle.
The Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) from UW hosted their annual Night Market at the Red Square of University of Washington. This eventmeat is a replica of the Taipei Shi Lin Night Market, drawing huge crowds from Seattle and surrounding areas.
A group of 52 Green River students headed up to the Taiwanese Night Market on Saturday, May 10 and had the chance to experience this very  event!

Crowds of people at 10:30 p.m.!food
The official school event started at 5:30 p.m., and by the time we arrived at UW at 6:00 p.m. the Red square was already brimming with crowds.
This year, there was a greater variety of street food sold. Instead of only having traditional Taiwanese street snacks, there were a couple of food stalls selling other ethnic foods such as Thai food!
Although compared to the actual night market this event was held on aold students at the nightmarket much smaller scale, but the warm atmosphere and delicious food is definitely on par with the real deal!
“It is always fun to try new foods. I was told most of the food was close to what I might find at the Taiwan (Shi Lin) night market”, said Michael Bennett, a domestic student who attended this trip. “I look forward to other such events where I can try different foods from other countries.”

This event is a great way for students to learn more about the Taiwanese culture and Seattle as well! If you are interested in such events, the UW Street Festival that is usually held  the week following the Taiwanese Night Market is also a great way for students to immerse themselves into the Seattle’s festival scene.bubble tea